S.O.S. Please HELP!


Get Me Out of Here!

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I’m Stuck! Stumped! Where else can I turn?

Someone ‘out there’…or here on WordPress must be able to get me out of my ‘agony’.

I’m not IT Savvy….very much on a continuing steep learning curve. Like many folks around here I enjoy blogging – ready and prepared to learn.


How do I resolve my continuing problem of NOT receiving E-mail Notifications for posts or comments?

Googling the problem in whatever shape refers me inevitably to Forums/Discussions etc….some suggestions of which are couched in ‘Tech Lingo’ with which I am not familiar….

PLEASE…..Can someone give me some simple advice?

I shall be eternally grateful for any help that leads to the resolution of my problem.

Thank You in anticipation!


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61 responses to “S.O.S. Please HELP!

  1. I love Kermit. I have no idea how to help you. I just spent fifteen minutes trying to find the answer. I notice when I write my comment now that below the box there is a place to check if you want to be notified via email. So maybe you can look at the blogs you visit to see if they have that choice. Good luck to you.

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  2. Look in WP Menu then scroll down to settings.General might help.I’ll go and look and let you know

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  3. go to “help” and you will get to the Support desk

    help is found at the bottom of the little circle with your photo on it…in the right hand upper corner by the little pencil and where the comments appear.

    a box will come up in which you type your question.
    Here’s what I typed:

    how do I get email notifications for posts and comments?

    and it gives several suggestions

    I tried to get an url for you, but it didn’t want to cooperate.

    (the forums are good, but very specific…but if you leave a request for help a Happiness Engineer will get back to you with detailed and specific help with your specific issue. It might take a few hours but they will get to you by email.)

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  4. I just got very good help with an issue I had of exporting/importing content from one of my sites to the other…it was pretty scary, but the Happiness Engineer helped me specifically.

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  5. Good luck with this dear Bushka…..Like you I am not very IT savvy…but the last comment from Grandmama sounds like a good idea.. janet. xxx

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  6. I don’t always get notice by my email when you have a new post. But I do get your comments in my email. FYI

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  7. still more…. I think they are still getting kinks hammered out over there at the support station. 🙂

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  8. Hi Bushka,

    If you want email notifications when you are replying to a comment, tick the box below the comment box , which says ‘notify me of new comments via email’. You’ll probably get lots of them! I have stopped ticking the box as I got doubles.

    This may solve part of your difficulty. I’m pretty sure what you are looking for is likely to be a tick box exercise. If I can find any other info. I will let you know.

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  9. Go to settings and then “Discussion” and I think it is in there

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    • Thanks..Will have to make careful study of this….Seems to me I’ve done all I need to do. Will have to check and see where I might have gone wrong… 😉 Hugs!


  10. Bushka, I may be a little late, but here’s the advice I received from the Happiness Engineer about receiving too many notifications from the email address I use for this site. You want the reverse, so you can tick/check the boxes.

    The process looks like this:

    1. You write a new post.
    2. Someone comments on that post. You receive only one notification because you’re the author.
    3. You reply to that comment, and in the process, subscribe to all further comments using the checkbox.
    4. You get another comment on the post. Now, you receive two notifications – one because you’re the author and another because you subscribed in step #3.

    If there’s anything else, let’s know. 🙂

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    • That’s just the point….I do not get any notification by e-mail at all….Have to make do with checking My Reader…or on my own Site. Will double check. Thanks M!


  11. Bushka, if you are using the reader, you should see next to it ‘My sites’. Click on it;
    It takes you to a side bar and the penultimate facility is a cog icon (settings); click on it;

    At the top of the main centre part of the page are four headings; GENERAL, WRITING, DISCUSSION and ANALYTICS.
    click on ‘discussion’.

    The third heading down is EMAIL ME WHENEVER
    under this there are a number of options with tick boxes :-

    “E-mail me whenever
    Anyone posts a comment
    A comment is held for moderation
    Someone likes one of my posts
    Someone reblogs one of my posts
    Someone follows my blog…”

    Choose those you want. I have ticked numbers 1,2 and 4 for my preferences.

    There are other useful sections on this page with features on which to decide whether or not to use. Best to leave the default boxes.

    **On your blog site admin, on the upper right hand side bar you have your gravatar in a small circle, (I think you have a gravatar). If you hover your cursor over it you will be given a drop down menu with a number of options which include a shortcut into SOME of the above features I have detailed and there is a PROFILE heading. Click on it and see what is in there. ** It could be useful to check which email address you are using for WP.


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    • Thanks M! Yes, I’ve done all that….still no luck. I’m resigned to wait and see. Actually, I’ve only had this problem since three weeks ago…..Don’t know why! Will just keep tabs with posts and comments via my ‘Reader’. Thanks again. Hugs!


  12. I hope you get this sorted out….do you think you may have blocked them on your incoming email….I did that once, nothing to do with my site, just my inbox.xxx

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  13. Bushka, If you are using the older admin site dashboard (it’s quite black) go down the left hand sidebar and just under the spanner you will find ‘settings’. hover on the word and you will be given a choice of the 4 headings I already gave you; click on ‘discussion’. You’ll be offered the same discussion settings I mentioned. After that just explore the page and see if there’s anything else you want. Don’t forget to click on ‘save the changes’.


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  14. Snowbird has a point, your own email box may be filtering out replies, if you used to have them. I use gmail and on occasion I have pressed the wrong button – i.e. spam- when deleting stuff, thereafter, anything with WP on it, or whichever site it was, gets drafted into the spam box or bin straight away. The way I dealt with it was to highlight mail and select it/them to go/transfer into my inbox.

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  15. There is an immense amount to learn with WP, though, I suspect, we don’t need it all at once. 🙂 Because of that, we promptly forget most of it till something crops up. ❓

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  16. What email address are you using Bushka?
    Have you contacted the Happiness Engineers? From my experience they take a day or three to reply to you, but…..they do reply and will help.

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    • I’m using my e-mail addy which I had from the start…..Have posted the question on the Help site……not sure whether it will get to the Happiness Engineers….. 😦


  17. I found this in my settings, (below the tools) via the old admin page, which I tend to use more than the new one. Have you found your way into it? If not, it might be worth a look. The users to email – was my email address; The Additional Email Addresses, I repeated the same email address without my name:

    Email Post Changes
    Email Post Changes

    Send an email when a post or page changes.
    Users to Email Menhir1(menhir1- sxxxx.@.xxxxgmail.com)

    Additional Email Addresses

    One email address per line.
    Post Types



    Email changes to drafts, not just published items.

    TTFN xx

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  18. Hope it has been resolved Elliot.

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  19. Have u tried this:
    go to Reader
    go to Manage
    a list of sites you follow will come up
    on each site there is an arrow on the LHS
    click this and it will tell you whether ‘comments’ are ‘on’ or ‘off’ ..
    good luck and hugs!

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  20. I have no idea how to work this platform full stop!!

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  21. Let us see if this helps. Click on “MY SITE” and a list will drop down. Scroll down to “SETTINGS” This will open a page that has 4 headers above it. General Writing Discussion Analytics go to the Discussion and click it.
    Default article settings–check all 3
    Other comment settings–check 2, 4, 5
    E mail me whenever–check them all
    Before a comment appears–check both
    This should fix you up–Let me know–If you need to mail me at:

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