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On The Moors…


When rain pours
On the Moors,
Walking tours,
Danger lures,
Courage cures!

Winter wind,
Wrecks the skinned,
Tortured sinned,
Bold ones grinned,
All well ginned!

©Meanderings 2016

Vernal Advent!


Crisp, clear azure skies,
Balmy sun enfolds the soul;
Winter welcomes Spring!

On the promenade
Frisky toddlers tease their mums;
Catch me if you can!

Comfy wooden bench,
Under the seaside shelter-
Old amblers recline!

©Mindful Musings 2013

Quatern #1 – Spring!


Daffs 4 (WP)

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Salute the promises of Spring,
Implicit in the burgeoning buds,
Proclaimed by early birds that sing,
Behold approaching colour floods.

Awake from sombre Winter mood,
Salute the promises of Spring,
See all that lies ahead as good,
Let freely fantasy take wing.

That Brother Sun his warmth will bring,
In fervent expectation cheer,
Salute the promises of Spring,
Of icicles there’s none to fear.

Those woollies to the bin consign,
The bells of Summer keenly ring,
With smiles of ecstasy divine,
Salute the promises of Spring.

©Meanderings 2016

Spring smileys

In Praise Of……


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When Winter winds drive freezing rain
And all around seems bleak,
When hope of sunshine proves in vain
And help a forlorn squeak –
Let Faith then surely speak!

When darker days of suffering loom
And Pain is at her peak,
When desperation foretells gloom
And threaten havoc wreak –
Let Faith then surely speak!

When Light begins to fade away
And Life morphs to a leak,
When Thoughts advent to go astray
And Soul a haven seek –
May Faith then always speak!

©Meanderings 2015

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IMG_4678 (WP)

Bold and Brave!!!

As darkness creeps across the Eastern sky,
The Winter Sunset entertains the spry,
Along deserted beach,
Beyond the water’s reach,
Octogenarians their stroll apply.

© Meanderings 2016