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Sunday Sonnet!


If dark clouds herald much sought after rain,
Reflected in the barren, bone dry earth,
Not only shall relief be brought to pain
But latent life to dormant seed give birth;
For nigh two years only the dew of night
Enabled hapless fauna to survive,
But failed to waken flora to delight
Life’s downcast mood, with colour to revive;
How oft our expectations suffer such,
When promise fades within our pleading grasp;
None other can we do but at Hope clutch,
And Trust within our bosoms tightly clasp;
The voice of Mother Nature gently speaks:
Sweet Patience your attention humbly seeks!

©Meanderings 2016

Sunday Sonnet #7


When Fear becomes decision’s driving force,
And Reason finds itself usurped by Hate,
When opportunists plot a Nation’s course,
And Honesty declines in parlous state,
Will gods-in-counsel seek to intervene
Or let the scribes of history tell their tale,
Will Fate deliver suffering unforeseen
Or Kindness in the human breast prevail?
Great Goodness evil intent can transcend
Transforming Winter Winds to Summer Sun,
Let Trust return ill-judgements to amend
A haven to create for everyone;
Forget not blessings Future to ensure,
Forsake not well-honed values that endure!

©Meanderings 2016

Hourglass #11


To Those Who Lose Out,
Court Not Despair,
What Shall Be,
Shall Be,
Man Chooses,
Oft Times Unwise,
Fate May Not Concur!

©Meanderings 2016

Hourglass #9


Facing the Unknown,
Timid Creatures,
Void of Trust,
Yield to
After Truth,
Shunning Danger,
Suffer for Their Faith!

©Meanderings 2016

Sunday Sonnet #5


No more anxiety shall raise his head,
Like hibernating monster stirred from sleep,
When Trust admits grave Doubt to reign instead,
And muddied waters rise up from the deep;
Brave Confidence bewail his loss of calm,
Evoking prior memories of pain,
While Hope persists adminis’tring her balm,
And Faith her firm foundation needs maintain;
Let Care of dedicated kin and friends,
Supported by rich blessings in the Past,
For any misdemeanour make amends,
Thus, aberrations all we can outlast!
Fair, matchless, be the face of pard’ning Love,
That emanates from portals high above!

©Meanderings 2016