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Sunday Sonnet!



While walking on a lonely sandy beach,
Deserted, but for wavelets at my feet,
A gently rolling object, within reach,
For fleeting moment stopped, as though to greet;
It seemed the wavelets paused a little while,
Attention of my spirit to arrest,
Unconsciously, I stopped and flashed a smile,
Which to an innate pleasure did attest;
From whence came such delight I cannot tell,
Though that it did, I never can deny,
From deep within unconsciousness upwell,
Its authenticity let none decry;
Such mystic moments reverie surprise,
Not often, nor so easy to reprise!

©Meanderings 2017



The Unexpected!

The Unexpected!

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The bloom of youth had barely blushed
When from her enigmatic past
Emerged a harbinger of gloom;
Her fated future was unsure.

She did not know who fathered her,
Her mother died while giving birth,
Leaving her parentage in limbo;
Her mother’s mother, mothered her.

Her pleasant childhood never lacked
Nor tasted any untoward strains;
The older carers filled her needs,
She was a vibrant, happy child.

The story of her life, she knew,
No difference to her life, it made;
A roseate future lay ahead,
Within the rhythmic field of dance.

Then came that sunny autumn day,
A letter dropped in through the post;
Someone who claimed paternity,
Had filtered in from distant past.

The family home in disarray
Envisioned losing lovely lass;
Their fears would prove to be unfounded,
Her future would be guaranteed.

Advice was sought to save the child,
Gently a calming voice declared:
‘The missive bore not gloom but glory,
Paternal legacy for her!’


From: Late Harvest.

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