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Sunday Sonnet!


Their squawking riles the residents around,
Aggressive when considered under threat,
Along the sea in Summer they abound,
Forcing a neighbour to protect her pet;
Fiercely protective of their fledgling young,
A cry for ‘Help’, receives a mass response;
Dive-bombing and a blanketing of dung,
Potential predator shall soon ensconce;
And yet, ’tis well they scavenge for their food,
Essential to keep Mother Nature clean,
For, though their presence many would occlude,
Much rather should environment be green.
For each a place in Nature is reserved
That Common Good be readily preserved!

©Meanderings 2016

Sunday Sonnet #4


Beneath veneers of sparkling etiquette,
There oft resides unborn Leviathan,
From Common Man to privileged Baronet,
Dishonesty invades whatever clan;
Ambition every gimmick can deploy,
Unmindful of due diligence or care,
Sometimes its very self it can destroy,
Leaving Good Sense and Reason to despair;
The Brave and Bold need wield the Sword of Truth,
With neither Fear nor Favour to the fore,
Though impolite be deemed to be uncouth,
Veracity’s due deference to restore;
As certain as the Light of Day demise,
So shall the morrow’s Sun again arise!

©Meanderings 2016