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Sunday Sonnet!

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Effusive silence gently penetrates
Obscured recesses of receptive soul,
Her wordless eloquence regenerates,
Fatigued and brokenness to be made whole;
No need there be it’s healing to access,
With zest our puny efforts to instill,
Save patient resignation to possess,
Humility aplenty, to be still!
Fear not disruptive demons of unease
Intent on obviating wholesomeness,
Embrace of blessed quietude decrees
Assurance of her sanative caress.
Imbibe the stillness of this sacred place,
An earthbound channel of redeeming grace.

Β©Meanderings 2018


Sunday Sonnet!



Gently the voice of silence resonates,
Throughout the open confines of this place;
Each rhythmic wavelet subtly percolates
Into the healing balm of Love’s embrace.
Undaunted by distraction’s cunning hand,
Nor deviated by the wiles of doubt,
Her lastingness vicissitudes withstand,
In single-mindedness resides her clout;
Consistency and Strength be her hallmarks,
No fear nor favour for the High or Low,
They come within the ambits of her arcs,
Who humbly open-heartedness do show;
Rewards, beyond compare, have come to those
Who portals into beck’ning silence chose!

Β©Meanderings 2017


Off To The Brethren!



Many of you will be familiar with my annual visit to the Brethren in the Monastery. I have been associated with them for many years now…….πŸ€“ I have always tried to make at least one visit a year to the Community. Over the past several years I have gone to share in their lifestyle….entering into the rhythm that prevails in the Community.

Will be joining them on Saturday, next,Β  for the whole of the following week. I’m unlikely to be spending much time here on the blog.

Will be holding you all….family, friends et al in my prayerful thoughts.

Take Care!

Be Blest!



Rictameter #6


Be still!
Discernment calls,
Distraction thrives on noise,
Self-control induces insight,
Rewarding all who wait, biding their time;
Poorer those weighed down by care,
By busyness impaired,
Goodness resounds
Be still!

Β©Meanderings 2016

Rictameter #3


Night falls,
Nature retires,
Insomniacs prepare
For silent, lonely hours ahead,
Acceptant of their sad, nocturnal plight,
Though always wishing otherwise
That, like fam’ly and friends,
They can smile when –
Night falls!

Β©Meanderings 2016