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Sunday Sonnet!



We search for endless years that niche to find,
From unrelenting meddling thoughts apart,
That ambience to inner growth resigned,
And discontent forever can depart.
Mere mortals grow accustomed to their fate,
Seduced by concrete transients for their roots;
Inclined the wiser counsel to berate,
Deferring to more palatable fruits;
Yet, deep within each selfhood there resides,
Unquenchable desire to attain
Much more, surpassing earthenware, besides,
The stuff of which endures beyond all stain,
May God his gracious gift to all decree,
That peace of ‘letting go’ and ‘letting be’!

©Meanderings 2017





smile emoticon kolobok

Undaunted by adversity,
Reliant on her roots,
Like reeds that bend their pliant stems,
When river overshoots,
Fair courage all salutes!


Meanderings 2015.

smile emoticon kolobok