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Sunday Sonnet!


Then came the long awaited precious rain,
With thunderous applause midst lightning strikes,
Relentless hailstones causing joyous pain,
Fast thawing ice in torrents breaching dikes;
For weeks, nay months, thick clouds had come and gone,
Mean, tantalising omens came to naught,
As living, all, to drought’s embrace were drawn,
And each new dawn with dangers fresh were fraught;
Unshackled from restraints, to wit, unknown,
The weather gods their pent up passions vent,
Reducing one and all to moan and groan,
Until smidgens of energy are spent;
In aftermath, raw anger wasteland leaves,
Yet, faith new cloth of restoration weaves!

©Meanderings 2016

Sunday Sonnet!


If dark clouds herald much sought after rain,
Reflected in the barren, bone dry earth,
Not only shall relief be brought to pain
But latent life to dormant seed give birth;
For nigh two years only the dew of night
Enabled hapless fauna to survive,
But failed to waken flora to delight
Life’s downcast mood, with colour to revive;
How oft our expectations suffer such,
When promise fades within our pleading grasp;
None other can we do but at Hope clutch,
And Trust within our bosoms tightly clasp;
The voice of Mother Nature gently speaks:
Sweet Patience your attention humbly seeks!

©Meanderings 2016

A to Z Challenge – Earth!

Loss of Life –
Rainless Seasons
Scatter Wretched Remains on Dust Deathbeds!

©Meanderings 2016

In Praise Of……


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When Winter winds drive freezing rain
And all around seems bleak,
When hope of sunshine proves in vain
And help a forlorn squeak –
Let Faith then surely speak!

When darker days of suffering loom
And Pain is at her peak,
When desperation foretells gloom
And threaten havoc wreak –
Let Faith then surely speak!

When Light begins to fade away
And Life morphs to a leak,
When Thoughts advent to go astray
And Soul a haven seek –
May Faith then always speak!

©Meanderings 2015

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Festive Fun…

Cavorting WP

Making Merry…

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Westwind blows a gale,
Driving rain comes pelting down,
Shoppers grin and bear!

Children shriek with glee,
Pavement puddles splash and spray,
Wary women winch!

Brassband carols sing,
Festive mood pervades the air,
Gay Abandon reigns!

Mid the bustling fun,
Spare a thought for old, infirm,
Hearts and Spirits here!

© Meanderings 2015

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