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Sunday Sonnet!



The even tenor of the chanted psalms
Induces penetrating atmosphere,
Alleviating all invasive qualms,
A haven for those vulnerable to fear;
Embraced by burgeoning cloud of frankincense,
Sweet concomitant wave of yearning prayer,
The penitent is bared of all pretence,
In expectation of Elysian Care;
A troubled spirit, searching for some space,
Needs not withdraw to hidden, secret cove,
Arrange, instead, a visit to this place,
Here, to experience redemptive love.
In quietude, the still small voice is heard,
In ambience, fair, forsaken faith is stirred!

©Meanderings 2018



Azalea (WP)


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Transported to the realms of ecstasy,
Within the chants of sacred psalmody,
The spirit levitates,
Cold heart rejuvenates,
All ‘Ups and Downs’ depart in harmony!

© Meanderings 2015

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