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Sunday Sonnet!!



As year pursues each year into old age,
Our limitations grow in limb and mind,
Sometimes with thoughts from life to disengage,
Good grace adjures, to gratitude be kind;
Delight of halcyon days in summer sun,
Distress when buffeted by winter storm,
Each gifted season proffers everyone
An opportune, their living to perform;
Some traverse rough terrain in their pursuits,
While others savour privileged advance,
All shall inherit designated fruits,
None can the fated levelling end enhance.
Though plenty pain in what is gone before,
Much more salubrious pleasure, to be sure.

©Meanderings 2018



The Unexpected!

The Unexpected!

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The bloom of youth had barely blushed
When from her enigmatic past
Emerged a harbinger of gloom;
Her fated future was unsure.

She did not know who fathered her,
Her mother died while giving birth,
Leaving her parentage in limbo;
Her mother’s mother, mothered her.

Her pleasant childhood never lacked
Nor tasted any untoward strains;
The older carers filled her needs,
She was a vibrant, happy child.

The story of her life, she knew,
No difference to her life, it made;
A roseate future lay ahead,
Within the rhythmic field of dance.

Then came that sunny autumn day,
A letter dropped in through the post;
Someone who claimed paternity,
Had filtered in from distant past.

The family home in disarray
Envisioned losing lovely lass;
Their fears would prove to be unfounded,
Her future would be guaranteed.

Advice was sought to save the child,
Gently a calming voice declared:
‘The missive bore not gloom but glory,
Paternal legacy for her!’


From: Late Harvest.

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