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Sunday Sonnet!



Beside a slow meandering soothing brook,
Its gurgling water shimmering in the sun,
A hapless maid, by cruel love forsook,
Stared gloomily, her golden dreams undone;
Once, long ago, her youthful innocence,
Assailed by barb from Cupid’s skillful bow,
Succumbed to smitten beau’s fateful caress,
Whose protestations set her heart aglow;
As merge two becks into a stronger stream,
Convergent passions flourished for some time,
Conceiving of a mutual future dream –
Then sounded Destiny an ‘Ending Chime’!
Thus forlorn Faith in mortal anguish burns,
And helpful hope declines, till Love returns!

©Meanderings 2017


Ash Wednesday!

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The Faithful Yearly Call to Mind
Upon this Life’s Sojourn,
Amid the Tedious Daily Grind
A Lesson sure to Learn –
Mortals to Dust Return!

Self-discipline for Forty Days,
However Passions burn,
With Temper that Control Displays,
The Tenet ne’er to Spurn,
Mortals to Dust Return!

All Inequalities that Scar
The Face of Good’s Concern,
All Privilege shall None Debar
From Precept ever Stern,
Mortals to Dust Return!

©Meanderings 2016

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In Praise Of…..


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Conceived in love of Liberty,
Unbridled Passion birthed;
Disturbed by scenes of Poverty,
Raw anger was unearthed –
Suppression be accursed!

When human dignity bleeds dry
And Bias does his worst,
Equality will surely cry:
My patience is coerced –
Suppression be accursed!

In questing for the Common Good
Determination burst,
Adversity, boldly withstood,
Fraternity ranked first –
Suppression lay accursed!

© Meanderings 2016

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