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Sunday Sonnet!



Too soon the Winter sun in western sky
Declines, as though in fear of pending Night,
So little time for aged to say ‘Hi’,
Their darkened spirits to be filled with light;
Restricted to the friendship of four walls,
By ruthless limitations of old age,
Vicissitude of Winter’s whim forestalls
The yearning heart, fair weather to engage;
O, that the warm embrace of Summer’s sun,
The cold, dark days of Snow Queen would displace,
A brighter mien to bring to everyone,
And smiles return to every sullen face.
Pray, tarry not much longer Blessed Spring,
Great harbinger of joy for all to sing!

©Meanderings 2017


Sunday Sonnet #3


When dotage fears assail a lonely hour,
Conjuring images frail hearts despair,
Vain thoughts all vestiges of hope devour,
That soul into her sanctum would repair;
When light through windows to the mind grow dim,
And sound like every passing day does fade,
Athletic strength declines in every limb,
And common acts of life commands an aide;
Feel Gratitude for all that’s gone before,
Recalling blessings down the yielding years;
Contentment in good measure lies in store
For him or her who smilingly appears;
As innocence into this world is born,
Serenity departure shall adorn.

©Meanderings 2016