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Sunday Sonnet!

IMG_5066 (WP)


Be still, the voice of Inner Self to hear,
Beneath the din of vain distracting thought,
Intent on spawning denizens of fear,
Whose task it is to render sense to naught;
What gain be there homage to tender greed,
But to be numbered midst deluded rest
Who know not of a more enduring need,
Nor can to deeper-rooted mores attest;
Would that The Way proscribe the human choice,
His gentle counsel steeped in wholesome care;
Then shall the Norm of Goodness well rejoice,
And amity prevail beyond compare.
Be still, most blessed insight to embrace,
The promise of New Life replete with Grace.

©Meanderings 2018


A to Z Challenge – Urge!

Undermines Sound,
Universally Acceptable Norms.

©Meanderings 2016