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On The Moors…


When rain pours
On the Moors,
Walking tours,
Danger lures,
Courage cures!

Winter wind,
Wrecks the skinned,
Tortured sinned,
Bold ones grinned,
All well ginned!

©Meanderings 2016



Aye! Just got back from a wonderful week in God’s Own Country….Known by most as Yorkshire…

Thought it appropriate to post a poem I wrote a while back when I stood atop one of the Moors….

Hope you enjoy it….

Whither…. on the Moor.

Splendidly spoilt,
The heaving hills behold
The innocent ignorance of the hustling world
That moves,
And do not move,
Into a distant unknown void, of which
They know not what is now,
Let alone what will be then.

© Late Harvest 2009