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Sunday Sonnet!



They glide in numbers on the evening air,
Cavorting soundlessly with maven grace,
Their wavelike moves attest to artful flair,
Such aptitude none other can replace;
These master mariners one needs to see
In flight, their splendour to appreciate,
Their rhythmic dance induces reverie,
The most disturbing thought forms to sedate;
Observing grand display from where I sit,
Reclining in a chair in garden, still,
A thought occurs to me, may I submit,
These denizens perform, my heart to thrill;
The most banal of nature’s spectacle
Is pregnant with potential miracle!

Β©Meanderings 2017


Off To The Brethren!



Many of you will be familiar with my annual visit to the Brethren in the Monastery. I have been associated with them for many years now…….πŸ€“ I have always tried to make at least one visit a year to the Community. Over the past several years I have gone to share in their lifestyle….entering into the rhythm that prevails in the Community.

Will be joining them on Saturday, next,Β  for the whole of the following week. I’m unlikely to be spending much time here on the blog.

Will be holding you all….family, friends et al in my prayerful thoughts.

Take Care!

Be Blest!



At Prayer!

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Be Still!

Be Still!

Silence sidles down the passage
Beck’ning whispers to retreat;
Meditation bears the message,
Vain distractions to defeat –
Patient peace is left replete!


Vignette in Mindful Musings

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