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Sunday Sonnet!



Grand candelabra of magnolia
Illuminate small garden, hedge enclosed,
As if some visitation from afar
Were sent to render flora, all, exposed;
Resplendent hues, enriched by pristine white,
In dulcet harmony create a tune,
The most discerning eyesight to delight,
Idyllic for reposeful afternoon.
Salubrious vernal sun its rays dispense
With unselective equanimity;
Imbibe kind Nature’s sheer benevolence,
Embrace its prodigal felicity.
There is so much for senses to enjoy,
If only we would care them to employ!

©Meanderings 2018


Joys of Spring!


Daylight hours lengthen,
Nocturnal ambles ending….
Open windows wide,
Hear the dulcet dawn chorus,
Hail the early rising sun!

© Meanderings 2016

So Let It Be….

Magnolia. (WP)

Let It Be!!!

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The placid maiden schooled in rural lore,
Committed to the care of years fourscore,
In Trust, embraced her Fate,
Her God to adulate,
Devoted to her unborn evermore!

©Meanderings 2015.

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