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smile emoticon kolobok

Not in what is said,
But what is left unsaid;
Nor in what is done,
But what is left undone;
There lies the nub of what is really meant.

Those smiling eyes,
Or glaring gaze;
The tilted head,
Tightly drawn lips
Belies a truth, could not be truly dreamt.

A sideways stance,
That flashing glance;
The angled foot
With upturned toe
Are warning signals to tread with care.

A raised eyebrow,
No doubt allow,
An intervention,
Has hit the mark,
Tread warily lest flimsy feelings flare.

One lowered look,
An elbow crook’d,
Then fleeting sneer,
Quite gentle snort,
Foretells the dawning of deepening trust.

Lo, dropping shoulders,
The arms unfolded,
A quivering forelip,
One glistening eye,
The verbal deluge now needs must .

When floodgates opened,
Healing beckoned,
Sixty tortuous minutes
Deluge down to trickle,
All would be well!


(From: Late Harvest.)

smile emoticon kolobok