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‘Sell Out’…..


Would you betray me with a kiss?
The dreaded question for deceit,
Most antithetical to bliss,
The way to personal defeat.

Uncommon custom to close friends,
Would you betray me with a kiss?
A gesture that no one offends,
When proferred with no ill remiss.

When loyalty has gone amiss,
Exposing Trust to Evil’s guile,
‘Would you betray me with a kiss?’
For sure true friendship shall defile.

Whether through choice or by design,
Such treachery shall none dismiss,
May Life me ne’er to this consign –
Would you betray me with a kiss!

©Meanderings 2016

The Kiss!


They stand on the beach;
He holds her face in his hands;
Their eyes lock in love.

Winged Time hovers;
Wavelets embrace their bare feet;
Placid Neptune smiles!

Distant dormant Sails,
Imbibe the listless Westwind;
Breathless silence breathes!

Her hand strokes his hair;
Frozen matchless moments thaw;
Liquid lips converge.

©Mindful Musings 2013