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Sunday Sonnet!



Can Reason supersede blind Ignorance?
Can Daylight intervene where Night prevails?
How shall the Truth to waking blind evince
Unless untold disaster it entails?
How brutally perverse must Power be
Before the God of Justice intercedes?
Is this the end to Land of Liberty?
A culture, vile, that revolution breeds?
Nay! See within the Nation’s marrow set,
Enduring mores bequeathed by sage forebears;
Would that these tenets People ne’er forget,
To honour them allays all future fears;
Let Hearts of Courage untowards assail,
That Spirit of Democracy prevail!

©Meanderings 2017


Sunday Sonnet!



Do not the thought of vengeance entertain,
A guest intent your person to consume,
Until few dregs of self-respect remain,
And gracious honour finds an empty room;
Pursuit of recompense, a tortuous route,
Is littered with the shards of broken dreams;
Traversing vile terrain can be a brute,
Assailing hapless with nightmarish screams;
Richer, by far, the more enduring trove
Of virtue, that, within the soul resides,
Like luscious fruit within celestial grove,
Requital in domain of God abides.
Reprisals have the custom to return,
Of hand that wields the fire, the fingers burn.

© Meanderings 2017


Clarity Pyramid #3



Courage is selfless,
Heed the call of Need,
Let Others confer Honours –

Self-praise…no recommendation!

©Meanderings 2016

A Villanelle – Be Wise!

New Vistas!

New Vistas!!!

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Let not misfortune weaken your resolve,
Nor fear to seek assistance from a friend,
When well appointed plans fail to evolve;

Perchance another’s insight will dissolve
Those vague complexities that might attend –
Let not misfortune weaken your resolve.

In comradeship your future do involve,
For in distress on it you need depend,
When well appointed plans fail to evolve.

From solid life vicissitudes exsolve
Presenting disconcertions that offend –
Let not misfortune weaken your resolve.

Upon the road of life we need to solve
Contentions which our honour shall defend,
When well appointed plans fail to evolve.

From untoward concern the self absolve,
Solicitude, to her embrace extend –
Let not misfortune weaken your resolve
When well appointed plans fail to evolve!

© Meanderings 2015.

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