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Sunday Sonnet!


When populism stirs uninformed hearts,
Evoking deeply held unfounded fears,
Fair Reason from the Masses soon departs
Leaving a Nation’s raison d’etre in tears;
Dishonesty of intent shall emerge,
Unable, deep divisions then to mend,
Resulting, once, in Gorgon’s deathly dirge,
Against such repetition, God, defend;
Though Grace and Patience be our constant mien,
Let lessons learnt from recent painful past,
Invigorate our latent righteous spleen,
Miscarriage of true justice to recast;
Would that the hand that wrote on Shazzar’s wall
Divine hope-filled denouement for us all!

© Meanderings 2016

Let It Be!

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

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The silent suff’rer sheds no tears,
No woeful word from her is heard,
Warm smiling eyes betray no fears,
No patent sign of pain deferred;

A stoic stares indifferently,
His sphinx-like face a joyless mask;
Secreted thoughts a deep Dead Sea,
To salvage these a fruitless task;

As Summer Sun her passage wends,
Autumnal Chill his counsel keeps;
When Winter’s Frost his presence tends,
Spring’s vibrant colours snugly sleeps.

Fair destined Life her course needs run,
For consummation to be done!

© Meanderings 2015

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