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Sunday Sonnet!


Let not a thoughtless word your lips depart,
For none its consequences can foretell,
The vulnerable and sensitive may smart,
While others, more reactive, may rebel,
Provoking unpredictable retorts,
Like poisoned arrows, pierce a fragile heart,
Wiser, instead, those thoughts to turn around,
Commending them to scrutiny of grace;
Then amity is certain to resound,
Effecting pleasant smiles on every face;
Too often words uncensored foul the air,
Too often hapless languish in despair.

©Meanderings 2o16

Hourglass #11


To Those Who Lose Out,
Court Not Despair,
What Shall Be,
Shall Be,
Man Chooses,
Oft Times Unwise,
Fate May Not Concur!

©Meanderings 2016

All Shall Be Well!

Raindrops (WP)

Take Heart!

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Let not vile thoughts of failure spawn despair,
Nor vision of a better life impair,
Let Faith your cause impel,
Disabling Doubt excel,
Sustaining efforts all with humble prayer!

Too often do we waver on our way,
Preferring Faith’s assurance to gainsay,
Perchance a hapless past,
Our confidence recast,
Yet Grace shall all anxieties allay!

As Father Time observes each passing year
Opining that we are but guested here,
He beams a caring smile,
Our fears to reconcile,
For to Divine Creator we are dear!

©  Meanderings 2015

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To See or Not To See!

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The beggar sat numb,
Passers-by barely noticed;
A child stopped and smiled!

©Meanderings 2015.

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Into the Future!

Into the Future!

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Untimely Death bereaves bewildered lives,
A nation of its treasured peace deprives,
Be not in Woe’s despair,
To Hope’s Domain repair,
For from such trials fortitude derives.

© Meanderings 2015

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