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Sunday Sonnet!


Surprised by Pleasure, theretofore not sensed,
A gen’rous gift from daughter and her spouse
Cannot by Muse, Poetic, be condensed
Appreciation, profound, to arouse;
The dulcet tones of ombra mai fu
Conveyed us into ambience of peace,
Attentive Care thenceforth would see us through,
Like infants mollycoddled in lamb’s fleece;
From board to bed, our bodies, minds and souls
Imbibed the elixir of healing rare;
Eternally contented heart extols
Experience in life, beyond compare;
Forever shall these mem’ries, like fine gold,
Occasion gems of Gratitude untold!

©Meanderings 2016

Tragic Loss!


When Death decides to launch his fateful dart,
Then Grief strikes deep into a mother’s heart –
A daughter sweet at fifty,
Adorable and lovely….
Such loss will rend the sternest soul apart!

©Meanderings 2016

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