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Sunday Sonnet!



Caressed by gentle early morning breeze,
Their little yellow heads turn to the sun,
Their eager little spirits to unfreeze,
That searching lonely ramblers may have fun;
Sweet lark salutes the day with joyful song,
Resounding o’er somnolent, rolling field;
Anon they will be hosting feathered throng,
A matchless chorus for the heart to yield.
Heralds of Spring, you are, fair daffodils,
Pregnant with pristine beauty, unsurpassed,
The dream of hope in lonely hearts fulfils,
Whose warm embraces transience will outlast.
Though brief your visit be each passing year,
Your sight is balm to many a lingering tear!

©Meanderings 2017


Kyrielle #2 – Sing to Spring!


In gratitude for each new day,
As feathered friends their ditties sing,
Let every living creature say,
All Hail, the Advent of our Spring.

As Sun its early risings make,
May dullards not to blankets cling,
Tis time in chorus to partake,
All Hail, the Advent of our Spring.

Adore the colour of new blooms,
Fair daffodils delight do bring,
The atmosphere filled with perfumes,
All Hail, the Advent of our Spring!




Veiled eyes cannot see…
Muffled ears can sorely hear….
Open hearts perceive!

©Meanderings 2016

Shall Be Well!

IMG_5420 (WP)

In Faith,
Harbour Hope,
What e’er shall be,
Shall in the longer term for good prevail!

©Meanderings 2016