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Sunday Sonnet!



We search for endless years that niche to find,
From unrelenting meddling thoughts apart,
That ambience to inner growth resigned,
And discontent forever can depart.
Mere mortals grow accustomed to their fate,
Seduced by concrete transients for their roots;
Inclined the wiser counsel to berate,
Deferring to more palatable fruits;
Yet, deep within each selfhood there resides,
Unquenchable desire to attain
Much more, surpassing earthenware, besides,
The stuff of which endures beyond all stain,
May God his gracious gift to all decree,
That peace of ‘letting go’ and ‘letting be’!

©Meanderings 2017


Sunday Sonnet #6


Were I to lose my passion for delight
In counting all the blessings of my life,
Constructive thoughts of goodness shall take flight,
Condemning positivity to strife;
The cornerstone of happiness resides
Within the way I deem and see the world,
Whatever Future vagary betides,
Or untowards upon my way are hurled,
May vigilance of thanklessness be key
To how I navigate my route ahead,
Then from anxiety I shall be free,
And calm contentment be my gift instead;
Too many benedictions go unsung,
Too many latent graces go unsprung!

©Meanderings 2016


Hourglass #5


When there was plenty,
Friends Abounded,
When all Spent,
None but,
Much more enriched,
Sharing what they have!

©Meanderings 2016

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Sunday Sonnet #3


When dotage fears assail a lonely hour,
Conjuring images frail hearts despair,
Vain thoughts all vestiges of hope devour,
That soul into her sanctum would repair;
When light through windows to the mind grow dim,
And sound like every passing day does fade,
Athletic strength declines in every limb,
And common acts of life commands an aide;
Feel Gratitude for all that’s gone before,
Recalling blessings down the yielding years;
Contentment in good measure lies in store
For him or her who smilingly appears;
As innocence into this world is born,
Serenity departure shall adorn.

©Meanderings 2016