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Sunday Sonnet!



Beneath the shining glass domain that is,
Apparent for external world to see,
Broods steadily an ocean of unease,
Creative gifts awaiting to be free;
The tension midst the known and the unknown,
Humility and openness can breach,
Then wholeness and completeness can be grown,
And one cannot the other e’er impeach;
Vain ego needs the inner self engage,
The hidden gifts of nature to explore,
No better way to dissipate all rage,
Than wholesome conjunct selfhood to adore.
Let pride and self-conceit surrender arms,
Embrace new disposition laced with charms!

©Meanderings 2017


Clarity Pyramid #4



Be aware, be warned,
Narcissism self-destructs,
Blinded by ruthless conceit;

Inter the I……………….Uplift the U!

©Meanderings 2016