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Natural Balance?

Janus into distance stares,
Frowns upon his foreheads bears,
Wonder in the Future sees,
Sadness in the Past he grieves,
Good in heart believes.

Weather gods their counsel keep,
Humankind with doubt to steep,
Snow in Summer, Winter Mild,
Calm in Autumn, Springtime Wild,
Weathermen beguiled!

Cautiously they tread the street,
Wary of Midsummer sleet,
Youngsters on their sleds have fun,
In the absence of the Sun,
Rather walk than run!

Woollies in the Sun do well,
Icy winds sting, children yell,
Juno can no comfort bring,
Biting breezes dirges sing,
No bird on the wing!

Adaptation be the rule,
For the Wise but not the Fool,
To survive in Nature’s Book,
Comfort zones must be forsook,
To ourselves we look!

© Meanderings 2016