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Sunday Sonnet!



Not always do we see the blessed sun,
Or feel the cheerful presence of its balm,
Its intent by inclement climes undone,
Need not beset mere mortals with alarm;
Elsewhere the sun god sheds his golden rays,
Consistent with his quintessential being,
While here the constant hand of time conveys
We, earthlings, smile of Ra shall soon be seeing.
The rise and fall of rolling ocean waves,
Or undulation of the hills and dales,
Portray with fine panache how life behaves,
Revels of times as much as their travails.
Whatever shade of darkness be the night,
‘Tis but the absence of returning light.

©Meanderings 2018




Are you so fearsome Mighty Death,
When all that is shall cease to be;
When mortals gasp their final breath,
From future pain and suffering free?

How did you come to be so awed,
By many homo sapiens,
While others learn to live with you
And treat you with due deference?

Are you and Life parts of a Whole,
Like all converses in a plan;
Neither of which to take control,
A greater balance to maintain?

Who made the two of you such foes,
For to what end does all begin?
Is this not how the cycle goes
To formulate the golden ring?

Is fear of you not by man fed,
Who, driven by his selfish needs,
The loss of transient mostly dread,
To other ways cannot accede?

Does some religions fuel such fear,
Some customs breed anxieties,
Rendering perspective so unclear,
That sense no longer can appease?

Have humans now broken the aim,
Fouling the template of the scheme;
When will the balance be reclaimed
And all return to ancient themes?

O Death, may we not you despise,
Essential to the golden ring,
Beyond you waits some great surprise,
We never can know everything.

©Late Harvest  2009