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Sunday Sonnet!



As Janus bids farewell for ‘nother year,
Fair Februa, with cleansing undertone,
For some infer new life will soon appear,
For others, though, warm Summer soon is done;
While northern farmers ready soil for seed,
Their southern counterparts prepare to reap;
No need for either to succumb to greed,
For Nature services our every keep.
What shame that bounty be not fairly spread,
As everyone must bear the colder climes;
None can survive without the daily bread,
And none escapes reward when Death’s knell chimes;
Thus be the cycle of this mortal life,
Though some be deemed to burden undue strife!

©Meanderings 2017



Iambics #5

Red Rose Front (WP)

Red rose,
The symbol of a heart that bleeds with love,
Upon the breast, the sacred home thereof!

©Meanderings 2016