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Sunday Sonnet!

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Let not concern for what is yet to be,
Despoil the even tenor of your way,
For no one can beyond the present see,
As all must needs await the morrow’s day;
Insomnia feeds off disquiet soul,
Affecting disposition overall,
Until masters of reason lose control,
Hurtling headlong into a fatal fall;
Be mindful of the Easter Dawn of hope,
As vernal blossoms countryside adorn,
Regenerated faith with doubt shall cope,
When positive perception is reborn.
Let constant trust in goodness e’er reside,
That grace for all tomorrows shall provide.

©Meanderings 2018


Sunday Sonnet #6


Were I to lose my passion for delight
In counting all the blessings of my life,
Constructive thoughts of goodness shall take flight,
Condemning positivity to strife;
The cornerstone of happiness resides
Within the way I deem and see the world,
Whatever Future vagary betides,
Or untowards upon my way are hurled,
May vigilance of thanklessness be key
To how I navigate my route ahead,
Then from anxiety I shall be free,
And calm contentment be my gift instead;
Too many benedictions go unsung,
Too many latent graces go unsprung!

©Meanderings 2016


Sunday Sonnet #5


No more anxiety shall raise his head,
Like hibernating monster stirred from sleep,
When Trust admits grave Doubt to reign instead,
And muddied waters rise up from the deep;
Brave Confidence bewail his loss of calm,
Evoking prior memories of pain,
While Hope persists adminis’tring her balm,
And Faith her firm foundation needs maintain;
Let Care of dedicated kin and friends,
Supported by rich blessings in the Past,
For any misdemeanour make amends,
Thus, aberrations all we can outlast!
Fair, matchless, be the face of pard’ning Love,
That emanates from portals high above!

©Meanderings 2016

A to Z Challenge – Ire!

Peace of Mind,
Leaves Lasting Scars,
Enduring Reminders of Vain Folly!

©Meanderings 2016



Are you so fearsome Mighty Death,
When all that is shall cease to be;
When mortals gasp their final breath,
From future pain and suffering free?

How did you come to be so awed,
By many homo sapiens,
While others learn to live with you
And treat you with due deference?

Are you and Life parts of a Whole,
Like all converses in a plan;
Neither of which to take control,
A greater balance to maintain?

Who made the two of you such foes,
For to what end does all begin?
Is this not how the cycle goes
To formulate the golden ring?

Is fear of you not by man fed,
Who, driven by his selfish needs,
The loss of transient mostly dread,
To other ways cannot accede?

Does some religions fuel such fear,
Some customs breed anxieties,
Rendering perspective so unclear,
That sense no longer can appease?

Have humans now broken the aim,
Fouling the template of the scheme;
When will the balance be reclaimed
And all return to ancient themes?

O Death, may we not you despise,
Essential to the golden ring,
Beyond you waits some great surprise,
We never can know everything.

©Late Harvest  2009