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What e’er can it be?
When e’er I do Soduko
Yawns come thick and fast!

© Meanderings 2016

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Day After…..

Resting Gull (WP)

Just Resting….

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The promenade with jaded amblers teem,
Their self-indulgent excess to redeem,
Surfeit of ‘Eat and Drink’,
Brings Good Health to the brink,
A balanced Way of Life shall be the dream.

© Meanderings 2015

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White Rose (WP)


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Pristine roses white
Spared the waste of Winter’s blight,
Please old gardener’s sight!

©Meanderings 2015

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S.O.S. Please HELP!


Get Me Out of Here!

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I’m Stuck! Stumped! Where else can I turn?

Someone ‘out there’…or here on WordPress must be able to get me out of my ‘agony’.

I’m not IT Savvy….very much on a continuing steep learning curve. Like many folks around here I enjoy blogging – ready and prepared to learn.


How do I resolve my continuing problem of NOT receiving E-mail Notifications for posts or comments?

Googling the problem in whatever shape refers me inevitably to Forums/Discussions etc….some suggestions of which are couched in ‘Tech Lingo’ with which I am not familiar….

PLEASE…..Can someone give me some simple advice?

I shall be eternally grateful for any help that leads to the resolution of my problem.

Thank You in anticipation!


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New Home!


Where we are rooted;
Shelter from the storms of life –
Haven for the worn!

Lasting seeds are sown,
Wheat and tare grow side by side;
Winnow at harvest!

Wander far and wide,
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter;
Home is in the heart!


(From: Autumn Ambles)