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Sunday Sonnet!



When to the distant Past my thoughts I turn,
Some counsel for the Present there to find,
Embers of rich experience brightly burn,
Irradiating warmth of Welcome, kind;
Too seldom do we access lessons taught
By error-stricken actions come to grief,
Until, perchance, in life we’re left distraught,
Appealing to what’s gone to seek relief;
Not only is the Past a burial ground,
Where hurtful, dark encounters are interred,
Nuggets of counsel, wise, oft there are found,
Awaiting on someone to be conferred.
Leave not untended what is gone before,
There, wisdom pearls aplenty lie in store.

© Meanderings 2018



Sunday Sonnet



Strung from yon tree, the bleeding, broken being
Perceived beloved women down below,
Compassion wrenched his heart, his mother seeing.
What favour he upon her can bestow?
Then saw he, with the sufferers, huddled there,
The male companion whom he dearly loved,
His mother he commended to his care,
That she by him forever shall be gloved;
Affection, selfless, dwelt in mother’s heart,
Whose son surrendered to the Greater Good,
Her innocence to him she did impart,
That all may gain a wholesome livelihood.
Humility beheld the face of Grace,
The Godhead willed all suffering be displaced!

©Meanderings 2018


Sunday Sonnet!



Beneath the freezing splendour of thick snow
Awaits the vernal birth of crocus hue,
As rising waves of warmth their balm bestow,
Signage of nature’s rebirth shall ensue;
As certain as the flight of winter’s woe,
Essential to the circle of all being,
Anticipate advent of summer’s glow,
When some to distant climes shall go a-fleeing,
Thus interact the rhythmic cogs of life,
Regardless of the whims of creature-kind,
Whether it be in harmony or strife,
The laws of nature are in gold enshrined.
The present to the future shall succumb,
The past without exception to become.

©Meanderings ’18


Easter Sunday Sonnet!



Does Eostra flaunt her Spring fertility,
As some would tend at this time of the year,
Promoting coloured eggs all chocolaty,
Supplied in plenitude by generous hare?
Beneath such sensate pleasures there resides
A more enduring paragon of grace,
Accessible to all, with none besides,
Awaiting meek acceptance to embrace;
For devotees of Man from Nazareth,
The Queen of Festivals the heart enthrals,
Proclaiming central lodestone of their faith,
Triumphantly, with ‘Al-le-lu-ia’ calls!
From dereliction of a barren tomb,
Came forth New Life as from a fecund womb!

©Meanderings 2017




All is night!
Locked in utter darkness,
Dank, cold, still,

Soundless stirrings,
Unseen movements,
Heighten the sense of awe!

Slowly, unstoppably,
An unfolding
Like petals of the rosebud;
An unfurling,
As of the fern-frond;
A stretching, outward bending –

The blackness of the night
Begins to ebb;
Giving way to growing greyness;
Unhurriedly they interchange,

Fearful, eager eyes
Peer through the clearing haze
Into a gaping void;
Out of darkness,
Out of emptiness,

© Late Harvest 2009