Sunday Sonnet!



Soft, gentle silence of the evening breeze,
Enhanced by intermittent blackbird’s call,
Induces sense of soporific ease,
Without the need for sunset ethanol;
Fraught day’s demands have left spirit well spent,
Surviving cutting edge of tempers frayed,
Despite appeals that reason should relent,
Lest untoward demeanour be displayed;
Rail passage cancellations morn and eve,
Arrivals late for work or not at all,
Rewarded everyone with much to grieve,
Not least with foul behaviour that appal;
Sweet stillness of relaxing garden air,
Restores one’s sanity in leisure chair.

ยฉMeanderings 2018


15 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. This is so beautiful…and so appropriate. If only we could all sit in a quiet garden at the end of a stressful day. I feel so much for the people who have to battle the trains every day and so much more. Thank you Bushka for a really good Sunday sonnet. Janet x

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  2. I am going to be egocentric and say, I am just so glad I am able to decide to avoid the nationwide travel chaos and absolute incompetence of those get our hard earned cash to pay and reward them for it!

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  3. Writing in form is so lovely because it reminds us much poetry is like music and all our bodily processes have their own music. I wonder if stress makes the music discordant? A skilful piece of writing.Thank you

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  4. A peaceful garden with blackbirds song perfect for restoration of a frazzled body.

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  5. We have our problems down here in NZ too Well written Elliot..

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  6. Oh …to have peace and quiet after all that! Wonderful, descriptive writing!xxx

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