Sunday Sonnet!




‘Tis reassuring, most, to be aware
Of living in the ambit of God’s Grace,
Each moment that I pause to stand and stare,
Into the vast expanse of boundless space;
Then fills exultant robin tranquil air
With dulcet song, the coldest heart to warm,
Its tiny life embraced within the Care
Of Him, for whom all goodness is the norm.
From boundless sky to ocean, bottomless,
Station or stature, creature counts for naught,
Accessing Godhead’s goodwill limitless,
Save what through humble, patient trust is sought.
Seek not the morrow’s blessings e’er to see,
For all we know, the best is yet to be!

©Meanderings 2018





11 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. Pure water coloured by the agéd stone,
    Smooth and iridescent in its descent to
    Feed the basic lifeline of earth and man.

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  2. Wonderful capture of God’s limitlessness and our lives, like the robin’s, at the heart of it.

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  3. Beautiful sonnet ending with the promise that the best is yet to be.
    I hope your Sunday has been as wonderful as this sonnet.

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  4. great words and image.

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