Sunday Sonnet!



Nurtured on a staple diet of lies,
Impervious to persuasive voice of truth,
Disabled Reason fails to recognise
Formation of insensate future youth;
Unblemished blood coursing through tainted veins
Cannot but taint each organ that it feeds,
Thus Truth, which our integrity sustains,
Deforms in mind that evil discord breeds;
Can Truth her pristine beauty e’er regain
After she had so rudely been defaced?
Good Grace essential nature shall retain –
Is Darkest Night not by New Day replaced?
Humanity presumes to govern all,
Crafting thereby the blueprint of its fall.

Β©Meanderings 2018


13 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. This is beautiful. I loved these lines.

    “Unblemished blood coursing through tainted veins
    Cannot but taint each organ that it feeds,”

    Have a blessed Sunday.

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  2. White knight in shining armour, Gandulf, The Hobbits, (Aka Tolkein), and also Harry Potter,(aka JK Rowling): superman and Spiderman. Jeanne D’Arc, Oor Wullie and Wulliamina,. All characters with ethics and energetic beliefs, who perpetuated their stance against the disingenuous and unjust. In the real world we have to do the same.

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  3. Uncharacteristically gloomy for you, but still with that glimpse of light and grace. Samuel Johnson: “There is no crime more infamous than the violation of truth. It is apparent that men can be social beings no longer than they believe each other. When speech is employed only as the vehicle of falsehood, every man must disunite himself from others, inhabit his own cave, and seek prey only for himself.”

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  4. Strong words and the truth will out. Is that a hint of modern America?

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  5. Nicholas T Goosen

    The truth will always prevail.

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  6. Excellent – thank you so much Bushka. Eventually the truth will out, but in the meantime so many suffer. Have a lovely week. janet xxx


  7. Wow! Wonderfully written!xxx

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