Sunday Sonnet AWOL!



For the next three Weeks Sunday Sonnet will be AWOL with its Guardian. They will be abroad with the latter’s daughter and her family who have just moved from Germany to Austria…new Senior Post at a Hospital.

Hope to be back middle of August. Not sure of WiFi contact, so probably not to be seen around these parts…..


Be Good…..

Be Blessed….


18 responses to “Sunday Sonnet AWOL!

  1. See you when you return. Wonderful bloom.

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  2. Have a lovely time…..I really enjoy Austria…so very beautiful. I will be thinking of you and sending hummingbird hugs. Janet 🙂

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  3. Happy trip. Austria is warm at the moment, very warm indeed. Hope all goes well.

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  4. Will miss you and your beautiful poetry! Have a wonderful trip

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  5. The rose is lovely, great photo! Have a good time in Austria, I gather you did have WIFI as there’s a like on my blog this morning, thanks. see you when you get back.

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  6. Safe travels my friend. Enjoy yourself. Blessings to you and yours.

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  7. We will miss you. Your Sunday Sonnets are keeping me connected to the blogging world while I am struggling with the events of this past year. I hope to eventually return to some vestige of my normal ‘skribling’ one day.

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  8. I hope you have a lovely time with your family and it’s not too hot… like it was here.Lovely image

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  9. Autria, oh, wonderful! Have a marvelous time. xxx

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