Daily Archives: December 17, 2017




That time of year again….

I shall be away….for the next few weeks. Off to Germany – Tuesday – to spend Christmas and New Year with daughter and the family. I’m unlikely to be around here…on the blog much. I might…just might pop in from time to time to keep in touch.

May you all have a Blessed Festive Season! Whatever you do..or do not do….Have Peace and Goodwill in your hearts! Be Generous…and Be Blest!

See you in the New Year which, I pray, will bring you much joy!

Take Care!


Sunday Sonnet!



May Blessings of the Child in Stable born,
Replete with joy and peace to all mankind,
Intent the Godhead image to adorn,
Forever habitate each heart and mind;
Division and divisiveness decease
When selfishness and greed are cast aside;
The hunter and the hunted live in peace,
That harmony and goodness might abide;
As gifts of gold, and frankincense and myrrh
Were brought to lowly infant in the crib,
Let Care the plight of under-privileged stir,
That life begin again from Adam’s rib.
If this be, for the faithless, but a dream,
‘Tis not, for who believe in the Supreme!

©Meanderings 2017