Sunday Sonnet!



In preparation for the festal day
That marks when their Emmanuel was born,
With fervent prayer and lights in rich array,
Devoted faithful hearts and homes adorn;
The masses, though, in their pursuit of fun,
Seduced by tinselled sirens’ cunning lure,
Unspoken quest forever leave undone,
The empty, deeper human need to cure;
And yet, unearned, tidings of grace abide
Within the carols, sung by one and all,
That lack of joy and peace shall none betide,
Until the world at large be held in thrall.
Hail Grace, emergent from virginal womb,
To Grace, emergent from unfettered tomb.

Β©Meanderings 2017



26 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. If the celebrations had not been superimposed on the β€˜Pagans’ lightening darkest winter days festivals,
    But, had been celebrated about the actual time of the year of the birth,
    Aroundabout September;
    The scenic picture and colour would take on a very different story in itself.

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  2. Good sonnet to remind us that Christmas is upon us again.Have a good one!

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  3. I have often been dismayed by the flagrant commercialism of the birth of Jesus. That along with the various teachings of that glorious event tends to make one wonder if any of these people ever read their Bibles…hmmm?

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  4. Oh, brilliant final couplet! And yes … sad but true.

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  5. Spot on, as always! I tend to swerve the materialism of Christmas, Just love the crocus. xxx

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  6. oooh, intriguing. Superb as always.

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  7. Thank you Buska for these lovely words. I do hope you are enjoying a gentle and loving holiday season….Janet xxx

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  8. I’m so thankful for that grace. This is beautiful E. I love your flowing words πŸ’• beautiful πŸ’œπŸ€—β€οΈ

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