Sunday Sonnet!



Can Reason supersede blind Ignorance?
Can Daylight intervene where Night prevails?
How shall the Truth to waking blind evince
Unless untold disaster it entails?
How brutally perverse must Power be
Before the God of Justice intercedes?
Is this the end to Land of Liberty?
A culture, vile, that revolution breeds?
Nay! See within the Nation’s marrow set,
Enduring mores bequeathed by sage forebears;
Would that these tenets People ne’er forget,
To honour them allays all future fears;
Let Hearts of Courage untowards assail,
That Spirit of Democracy prevail!

©Meanderings 2017


8 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. Apposite in so many current matters, sad to say. It can only be hoped that just decency and some balanced of clarity will transcend.

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  2. superb poem, we live in strange and dangerous

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  3. Wise words indeed. Elliot. The cream must rise to the top and let reason supersede blind ignorance!

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  4. Let’s hope you’re right, and the common sense at the heart of most people come to the rescue. Thank you for a ‘proper’ poem!

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