Sunday Sonnet!



Perched high above green, open countryside,
Endowed with gifted vision so acute
That faintest faunal movement, far and wide,
Cannot escape keen eyes of taloned brute,
The martial eagle waits on rocky crag
While far below prospective prey keep watch,
No chance for their alertness e’er to flag
Lest they expose themselves to hunter’s snatch;
Apparent in this pre-destined design
Resides a rhythm of to be or not,
Regardless of a privileged bloodline,
Such vantage instantly can be forgot;
As joyful be the moment of one’s birth,
As transient be one’s sojourn here on earth.

Β©Meanderings 2016


13 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. On the prowl miles above.

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  2. What a wordsmith you are! This one is particularly satisfying. Did you catch last week’s documentary on hunting with eagles in Kazakstan? Fascinating.

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  3. I’m loving the bird theme. We think we are indestructible. Its all about perspective. As a paradox to how humans act, we think that what we see is ours for the taking. We should take only what we need and we call the eagle and other life savage and unable to process thought. Nature takes what it needs and no more. Why can’t we do the same? I wonder how people define humanity today…. I suspect its definition has changed

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  4. Over time. I really get it. I understand that we have lost sight of our humanity. There is no common goal. No unity. This really is a beautiful piece. You write with such eloquence that I often wonder what you make of my mess. Superb! What happened to your robin bird friend? Has he migrated for winter? πŸ˜‰ hugs to you too, as always. πŸ¦…. Your writing is so effortless and synchronised like a murmeration. Spell check failed me πŸ˜† 🌼🌼🌼

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