Sunday Sonnet!



Soft, gentle zephyrs stroke the ripening corn,
Like rhythmic, dancing wavelets on the lake,
A skylark serenades still, peaceful morn,
Invoking all and sundry to awake;
Light, measured footfalls early rambler sounds
Append the purring of a turtle dove,
Though none of these, in any way, confounds
The master songster, soaring up above;
Angelic aspects of each gifted day
Present, untried, to all discerning hearts,
Let none such generosity betray,
Lest from this earth he fruitlessly departs;
Since Nature paints a picture so divine,
Pray, may I not such graciousness decline!

Ā©Meanderings 2016


18 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. A feathered diaphanous gossamer in the sky,
    From which a divine quill could breathe,
    Breathe whispered words of love to all.

    Ā©ļø Menhir1. Sept. 2017

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  2. emotionalspaces

    Such a beautiful depiction of nature’s bounty! Your odes to nature make me feel so good that I’m a part of it even without being party to it. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, dear Ell. Hugs

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  3. I like your post šŸ˜Š.

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  4. Your way with words is inspiring and this poem is beautiful! Hugs!!!

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  5. Indeed! Let’s drink in the beauty around us with all our senses. A clarion call, Elliott!

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  6. Absolutely magnificent ā¤

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  7. Wonderful, just

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  8. šŸ¤—šŸ¤—

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