Sunday Sonnet!



They glide in numbers on the evening air,
Cavorting soundlessly with maven grace,
Their wavelike moves attest to artful flair,
Such aptitude none other can replace;
These master mariners one needs to see
In flight, their splendour to appreciate,
Their rhythmic dance induces reverie,
The most disturbing thought forms to sedate;
Observing grand display from where I sit,
Reclining in a chair in garden, still,
A thought occurs to me, may I submit,
These denizens perform, my heart to thrill;
The most banal of nature’s spectacle
Is pregnant with potential miracle!

Β©Meanderings 2017


36 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. Master Soneteer, I bow to thee. What a beautiful description!

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  2. Wonders of life, up there, and down here. Master with his pen.

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  3. How well you describe them, aerial acrobats, one and

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  4. your poetry flows so easily, gliding from pen to paper and idle thoughts to lasting impressions…very nice, E!

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  5. Love this.. I have a new word to look up! Denizens 😁. I l8ve the end, I also love your vivid image of birds as master mariners. An incredible piece. I love looking up at the sky.

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  6. Gorgeous … peaceful … reminds me of spending hours watching gulls at the edge of the ocean once upon a time.

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