Sunday Sonnet!




Loud effervescent outbursts of delight
Erupt, when entertained by trumpery,
When sense from nonsense flees like day from night,
Clear testament of human tragedy;
Beguiled by twittered galleons of fake news,
Frail vessels of fine truth cannot withstand
Relentless onslaught of contorted views,
Unless defence of Truth be better manned;
Though quills their thrust of influence may yield,
Ostensibly, to senseless blathering,
Yet, in the end, great power shall they wield,
When bells of verity again shall ring.
No greater moral posture can there be
Than unaffected, frank, integrity!

Β©Meanderings 2017


18 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. You still got the style, dear Ell.

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  2. Integrity, great word. Something our politicians should learn. Great bloom!

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  3. Relentless onslaught of contorted views, This sounds a lot like political verbiage….:)

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  4. Love the prolonged seafaring metaphor! Reminds me of Pope … or was it Dryden?? .. and their fears of truth being overwhelmed by chaos. I wonder how many households these days teach their children the importance of integrity?

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  5. How beautifully you state the problems we are dealing with!Brilliant!xxx

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  6. Excellent! And hopefully those ‘bells of verity’ will truly ring again … someday. Hugs!!!

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  7. Very well written in both form and content.Have a good weeken

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  8. so true E, seems incredible. the photo is perfect πŸ™‚

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