Sunday Sonnet!



How can one know what ails the broken heart,
Or fathom what disturbs the downcast soul?
Wherever does faint comprehension start,
Assistance for the sufferer to enrol?
Appearances so often can belie
A hapless disposition, deep inside;
Unlike the plaster on a fractured thigh,
Alas, from all and sundry none can hide;
Compassion readily responds to seen,
While blinded to unnoticeable pain,
Sequential, thus, to rueful ‘might have been’,
Instead of wholesome healing to regain;
Physician malady can never heal,
Unless I, to him, festering wound reveal!

ยฉMeanderings 2017



25 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. Another super sonnet and I absolutely love the accompanying image. We can never ever judge a book by its cover….when it comes to affairs of the soul and heart. Enjoy your day and thank you janet ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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  2. Very interesting.I was reading about a woman who went to see therapists for 40 years but she was unable to reveal the horrible things that had happened to her until she was getting quite old.And she did well as a musician.Nobody suspected how much she was suffering.Yes, a broken leg hurts but one gets sympathy>

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  3. My daughter has this downcast soul. She said to me yesterday she is so sad and I think to myself…what didn’t I do? Or what did I do? I think perhaps it doesn’t have anything to do with me but how she’s perceived the world and the life events that led her to this place! Wonderful post E. Much love to you! Big hugs! โค

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  4. Revelation to ones medical confidante, has to beat osmosis, any time.


  5. plenty of food for thought, there E. there are so many variations of your theme here, and that alone makes your sonnet something for everyone to enjoy and ponder. Happy news from France!!!

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  6. Marvelous…people do tend to respond to visible

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  7. Love your words.

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  8. Oh gosh, I’m just reconnecting with the followed after a hiatus from WordPress.Just recently I have lost a dear friend tragically and your words from this Sunday sonnet are so in tune with my current thoughts. A wonderful sonnet Bushka, reading your words uplifted me, I’m working through a deep grief and I read your prose with insight but am heartened by it, thank you, your weekly words are just what I needed at this time…

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    • Thank you Vicky….The theme of this sonnet is so universal it appeal…..So pleased you found it helpful….Hope you soon come to terms with your loss. Hugs! โค


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