Sunday Sonnet!!


Some soil decorum’s gown with vulgar tongue,
While others acquiesce like senseless sheep,
Unmindful of effect on fertile young,
Their virgin thoughts in bitter bile to steep;
Contaminated seed in good ground sown
Cannot, but yield contaminated crop;
Will ‘Future’ generations ‘Now’ bemoan,
Exhausting efforts, all, decline to stop?
As Nature works with Time all harm to heal,
Can innate human goodness yet prevail?
Despite repeated threats, ill to conceal,
Spirit of Truth shall triumph without fail;
The Future shall forever be unknown,
Until it in the Present shall be shown!

©Meanderings 2016

26 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!!

  1. Beuaitful Sonnet my friend. You never lose your touch. Hope you are well.

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    • Thanks Brother. Good to see you..Hope you are doing well. As you might have noticed from a recent post, I shall soon be taking a long sabbatical…..Have a look at the post….Hugs to ‘you know who’… 😉 Take Care!


  2. Thought provoking there Elliot.

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  3. Beautifully expressed…xxx

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  4. Nice final paradox!

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  5. What a lovely poem and

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  6. Wow this poem reflects the state of my country quite well. What bitter seeds the new POTUS sows. I hope in the end, as in your sonnet, truth, kindness and tolerance prevails. It’s not looking good though.

    Do have a lovely holiday!

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