Sunday Sonnet!


When populism stirs uninformed hearts,
Evoking deeply held unfounded fears,
Fair Reason from the Masses soon departs
Leaving a Nation’s raison d’etre in tears;
Dishonesty of intent shall emerge,
Unable, deep divisions then to mend,
Resulting, once, in Gorgon’s deathly dirge,
Against such repetition, God, defend;
Though Grace and Patience be our constant mien,
Let lessons learnt from recent painful past,
Invigorate our latent righteous spleen,
Miscarriage of true justice to recast;
Would that the hand that wrote on Shazzar’s wall
Divine hope-filled denouement for us all!

Β© Meanderings 2016

20 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. Indeed. All of it. And will Belshazzar’s hand be heeded, although it tells the truth?

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  2. USA in the near trump future?

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  3. This is so apropos right now. Politics is tearing my country apart. I am scared. I can’t believe so many were suckered into voting for a selfish, unqualified man who will pass laws benefiting him and his friends while leaving the rest of us twisting in the wind (if we’re lucky). I live in a blue state, so much may remain the same here but elsewhere in my country, things are looking grim.

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  4. Perfect. Your words are so clear. We are living in very dangerous times! I have been musing to myself…that were I to have said one fraction of the dreadful things Trump has declared, I would be locked up and called mad. Reason being, I am not a thug, not a bully not a billionaire….. Meanwhile, we must focus on the things that do make sense….Mother Nature and creativity….Janet. xxx

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  5. Next to our fine President Obama…the personification of class…Trump can only aspire to keeping the nation together. He brought this current situation on himself, and on all of us….I think he was the most surprised person of all when he came out as the President Elect. God must be furious with my country…

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  6. It must be small comfort to him that now he is surrounded by Enemies who hate him, in the guise of friends…er, sychopants? With that bunch of supporters he really doesn’t need any enemies.

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  7. Excellent … and timely … poetry, Bushka! Hugs … ❀

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