Sunday Sonnet!


So often do we seek to keep the peace,
Prospective harmful conflict to prevent,
When thoughtless words, unguarded, find release,
Invoking in the vuln’rable dissent;
Beneath apparent shining, suave veneer
That affable demeanour oft adorns,
Resides a fractured Nature, so severe,
Responses to survive may feel like thorns;
However can we know the human heart,
Subjected to the whims of living life,
From advent moment, thence unto depart,
Recipient of delight as much as strife.
Acceptance of the frailties in my self,
Helps me accept the frailties in your self!

©Meanderings 2016

35 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. A beautiful thought-provoking sonnet for a dreary Sunday. I love the rhyming couplet. Accepting our failings and fraulties is one of life’s hardest lessons

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  2. You have such an elegant style. So old school – if your know what I mean? I mean yoou use language we don’t use these days. Classic language. I know I have probably said something like this before. This sonnet did remind me of a person who I was on a training course with. She came across as quite confrontational with me and everyone noticed it. One of the girls told me something along the lines of this’ usually the most fragile people are the ones who come across as rough and possibly overbearing. It’s a self-defence coping mechanism – they see it as a strength. It’s surprising what happens to a person who chooses to express themselves in this manner when they are challenged or made to feel vulnerable’ in other words that hard exterior shatters. Vulnerability can be a strength. Anyway, I am rambling away it is a beautiful sonnet( as always)
    , your friend ❤ 🙂 Daisy 🙂

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  3. good sonnet, true words…:-)

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  4. Such lovely words for your Sunday sonnet.

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  5. Some interesting comments. Great writing. it is true that many fragile personalities put up a hard front.

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  6. My friend this one may be your best. We must think before we speak. And before we are quick to judge, we need to clean the windows on our own glass houses.

    Be well.

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  7. so true, and rather apposite in my own case … wisdom much needed!

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