Sunday Sonnet!


Let not a thoughtless word your lips depart,
For none its consequences can foretell,
The vulnerable and sensitive may smart,
While others, more reactive, may rebel,
Provoking unpredictable retorts,
Like poisoned arrows, pierce a fragile heart,
Wiser, instead, those thoughts to turn around,
Commending them to scrutiny of grace;
Then amity is certain to resound,
Effecting pleasant smiles on every face;
Too often words uncensored foul the air,
Too often hapless languish in despair.

©Meanderings 2o16

26 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. easier said than done sometimes. the reminders help, thanks. 😀

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  2. AS I have often said, once the words are out they can’t be retracted, so give some thought to what you intend to say first. Lovely image.

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  3. How very appropriate to social media! Skilful!

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  4. Very beautifully said and the same applies to letters ir emails which are too easy to send when in a bad temper

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  5. Words to TRY to live by, my friend, but I fall woefully short of the goal these days. 😥

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