Clarity Pyramid #1


Blazon forth,

Danger lurks ahead,
Reckless warmongering,
Parades as Freedom’s Champion;

“Don’t Gain the World and Lose your Soul!”

©Meanderings 2016

Note: A final series for a while….using this format. For more info on the Clarity Pyramid SEE HERE

15 responses to “Clarity Pyramid #1

  1. First an hourglass, now a clarity pyramid! You never cease to amaze me Bushka 🙂 writing with rules is something I find very difficult but you have a beautiful way with words ^_^

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  2. This image is superb…..and I love the words:) Have a beautiful day..janet. xxx

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  3. Incredible how you write these!

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  4. That’s a socker of a final line – well-constructed – and alarmingly relevant.

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  5. I love this form! it reminds me of the opening credits–the prologue?–for Star Wars. And what clarity this form brought to the subject of your poem. I think the Republican National Convention should have recited your poem a few thousand times. Just until that last line settles into their heads and makes itself comfy 😉 Certain presidential candidates should keep in mind that a future leader needs a soul 😉

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  6. Perfect finale. Loved this piece.

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