Haiku @ Home #2


Patently present,
Like close treasured relations,
Bouyed books smile from shelves!

©Meanderings 2016

19 responses to “Haiku @ Home #2

  1. Oh yes indeed….I love my books and love the fact that I can browse my bookcase at any time…I also feel very fortunate as I know that many people in the world can’t afford books of their own. Thank you, Bushka..wishing you a lovely day…Janet. xxx

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  2. And I see Will’s smiling face amid the hallowed stacks in thy humble home 😉 Excellent poem and glimpse at your impressive collection!

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  3. My ten-year old GS loves his books too.

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  4. thinking of a smiling book is such a delight! thus, this is a delightful poem. 🙂

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  5. I love the way a home/room look with a library.

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  6. How did I miss this great post? I must not have been paying attention. Books smiling…what a lovely and apt description. You are never presumptious, and one can never have too many books! 🙂

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