Sunday Sonnet!


So driven by the need to get things done
That minutes of the day like lightning pass,
So speedily the sands of Time seem gone,
Sunken into a swirling, wild morass,
All efforts wrought with meaningful intent
Often performed at person’s grievous cost,
Appears to be vitality misspent,
Issuing in a sense of being lost;
With care, perceive the beat of Nature’s heart,
Which panders not to every fleeting whim,
Nor frets at whatsoever might depart,
But hums her pre-ordained consistent hymn;
Serenity descends on those who wait,
She nourishes profound contented state.

ŠMeanderings 2016

Sighing and waiting smileys


18 responses to “Sunday Sonnet!

  1. Lovely words on the importance of patience and pacing ❤

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  2. How true, we are all so busy with our life that we often forget to live it…:)

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  3. Words of wisdom!xxx

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  4. What a perfectly written sonnet! ababcdcdefefgg, the Shakespearean sonnet style. I love this ❤ Words of wisdom here….

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  5. Don’t waste your time and effort.

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  6. excellent, E. fine words of wisdom about our rush through time. nice Sonnet. 🙂

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  7. wow I swear you wrote this with me in mind. My weekend can be summed by your exquisite poem. Time passed too fast for me so I toiled late into the night and now I am at work with one eye open! Still I got a lot of great writing and editing done and I walked 17 miles 🙂 so I’d say I accomplished a lot. Still, there were a dozen things I had not time to pursue 😦 I hope your weekend was productive!

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